Skin Care

Greenleaf Aloe Face Wash Gel


Greenleaf Aloe Face Wash Gel with turmeric extract is a soap-free gel with scrub beads that combines Aloe Vera's superior skin care with the skin cleansing & healing qualities of turmeric and tea tree.


Greenleaf Aloe Face Wash Gel has ISO-diametric scrub beads that gently exfoliates the dead skin tissue of the skin and opens skin pores, exposing the beauty within.


Use it regularly for a clean, fresh and glowing look. It is suitable for all skin types. It also effectively removes make-up and black heads and reduces pimples and acne.

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Natural Active Ingredients

Aloe Vera, Turmeric Extract & Tea Tree

Pack Size


60gm (tube pack), 120gm (jar)


Available At


Retail & medical stores, supermarkets, beauty stores in India

Select Outlets*


Wellness Forever

Reliance Fresh

Health & Glow

*available in select cities only.

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